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"Just wanted to let you know I got the starter in plenty of time for Christmas and the boys were so happy Christmas Day.  They installed it yesterday and all is fine.  I will be sure to use your site again for any go-kart needs and definitely recommend you to anyone else.  Thanks again, and have a Happy New Year!!"

P. Barger

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The market is being flooded with

counterfeit Chinese parts.


Chinese copies of authentic parts (including Comet, as well as Chinese-built karts, such as Hammerhead and American Sportworks / American Landmaster) are being sold as the original part number, but they are NOT the original part.  They are typically of inferior quality.


We sell very few after-market parts, and we clearly identify them as such in our online store.  Most are made in the U. S.


We DO NOT sell

counterfeit Chinese parts.





If you came to this page by searching for a part, please visit our online store and re-enter the part you need.


This store is under construction, and does not have all our parts listed, yet.

(A complete listing is at the bottom of this page.  If you don't find the part you need in the store, please search ("find") in the list below.  If it's there, please see instructions in the next paragraph.)

U. S. addresses only, please.


This link will open our online store in a new window, so you may refer back to this page for information.  If you have a question about parts, or if you don't see the part you are looking for, please e-mail us.  We will quote prices, add the additional part(s) you need to your order, and e-mail you a total before processing.


We are your parts source for Brister's Design & Mfg. (Mean Machine and The Go-Kart Factory), Dinli, Kartco, Brister's Thunder Karts*, Ken-Bar Streaker, Manco, Yellow Jacket*, Straight Line*, USA Karts*, Murray*, Action Motorsports*, Twister, and Tomos vehicles, as well as Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, and Comet.  We even have a few Yerf-dog parts.


*See below for Murray, et. al., parts alert


Please note we are not engineers; we specialize in replacement parts, but we do not modify karts, nor can we give advice on modifying a kart.  All sales are final -- make sure you know what you're ordering.  Prices are subject to change without notice or due to typographical error;  however, if your total is different from your shopping cart, we will e-mail you for authorization for the revised amount.  There is no warranty whatsoever on clutches and belts.  Warranty on other items will be limited to replacement of defective parts;  e-mail  us for an RMA before returning parts you think are defective.


In order to properly track your order, all shipped orders are accepted only via the online store.  No orders are accepted by phone.


We ship only to street addresses in the United States, and charge only to credit cards with U. S. addresses.  Freight is a standard $9* (contiguous 48 states).  Engines, foam, special orders, and oversize objects are subject to additional freight charges.  Texas residents add 6.25% state sales tax.  Alaska & Hawaii e-mail for freight quote, or submit your order and we will contact you.  Your shipment will normally be shipped via Fed-Ex Ground, but the USPS may be used for Alaska and Hawaii.


When you use our online store, your credit card info is submitted via a secure, encrypted connection, and it's very easy for you (or us) to track your order.  Money orders are also accepted.  Your credit card will not be charged until the order is ready to ship, unless it is a special order.  Special orders are charged when we order the parts.



Flat-Rate Shipping


We utilize flat-rate shipping for most parts (a few oversize/overweight may be excepted) shipped within the continental United States, regardless of the size of the order.  Even with multiple increases in shipping costs to us, we have not raised our rate in years*.  We average a loss of about $7 per Fed-ex package.


This rate may seem high on a small order, but Fed-Ex has a minimum charge of about $7 -- even if we ship a feather across town.   It gets worse with home delivery, distance, weight, and size.  With the possible exception of additional insurance -- and that's only on large orders -- the value of the shipment has absolutely nothing to do with the freight rate.  It may seem silly to pay $11 to ship a $1 part, but that means it's a good time to add to your order and take advantage of the flat rate.  It has nothing to do with what it costs us to ship it.


Shipping costs to us also include:

  • packaging materials, including boxes, tape, mailing labels, toner, paper, etc.,

  • the cost of the computers and printers (the latter of which we wear out regularly) to process the orders and print the mailing labels, order, invoices, packing lists, etc.,

  • labor (it takes 15 - 20 minutes minutes to process an order that has only one part in it) to pull the order from the warehouse, run the credit card transaction, print it, pull the parts, box the parts, enter the shipping info online, affix the labels to the box, remove the parts from the computerized inventory, and update the general ledger, and,

  • the Fed-ex pick-up charge.

We estimate we lose money on orders less than $24 (not including the flat-rate shipping charge).  This is why many companies have a minimum purchase requirement.  We want your future business, so we donít have a minimum.  However, we entice you to buy more with our flat rate shipping Ė when you get a large box of parts shipped across country for $11, thatís a deal!  We cannot use regular mail envelopes, as they would be shredded by the automated equipment that reads the addresses.


If you have a small order and don't want the freight to cost more than the order, you may want to see if you need anything else ... it won't cost any more freight to add to your order.


Your order will be shipped via Fed-Ex Ground or USPS Priority Mail (delivery in 3 business days in most cases), depending upon the size, weight, and destination of the package.


Can't Find It?


You are invited to e-mail us for parts info, or for info on parts you can't find in the store.  Please visit our Yerf-dog page for info on Yerf-dog parts.  For Twister parts, please visit our Twister Hammerhead parts list.  For Dinli parts, please visit our Dinli parts list.  Please check these diagrams before contacting us about part numbers -- it's too easy for us to call an item by a different name, and we don't want to ship you the wrong part.


We cannot ship to APO/FPO, P. O. boxes (except when using USPS in Alaska or Hawaii), nor outside the United States.  All sales are final;  make sure you know what you're ordering.  There is no warranty whatsoever on clutches and belts. Warranty on other items will be limited to replacement of defective parts.  Contact us via e-mail or see the store for more warranty info.



Common Questions


How do I identify the torque converter belt I need?  If you have the old belt, you can generally find the number on it.  If you do not have the old belt, get as much information as you can -- kart manufacturer, kart model, brand of torque converter, engine horsepower -- and send us that to us in an e-mailNOTE:  Comet belts are identified by six numbers, followed by an "A" or a "C."  There is no difference in the "A" and "C" belts.


How do I identify the chain I need?  If you don't have a part number, look at the side of the chain.  Often, the "size" of the chain will be stamped on the side, indicated by number "35," "41," "40," or "420."  The picture on the side (in our online store) may also assist.  Then, count the barrels in the chain.  The chain is identified by the size and the number of barrels (length).  For example, if you see "41" on the side of your chain, and count 60 barrels, you need a "41x60."  Note:  Chain length is always an even number.  If you have an odd number of barrels, order an offset of the same size to give you the odd number.  For example, if the above chain had 61 barrels, you would order a "41x60" and an "Offset, #41."


How do I identify tires?  Provide tire size as written on the side of the tire (e.g., 4.10x3.50x5), plus the tread style (e.g., stud, slick, ATV, cleat).


How do I identify clutches?  Standard centrifugal clutches are identified by the crankshaft size (5/8", 3/4", or 1") and by the distance between the teeth (pitch) on the sprocket (3/8" or 1/2").  #35 clutches are 3/8" pitch, #41 are 1/2" pitch.

There are several specialty clutches. The greaseable clutch was used on Brister's Design & Mfg. karts (Mean Machine and The Go-Kart Factory) and later model Brister's Thunder Karts, Murray, and Yellow Jacket** karts. This clutch is identified by a grease fitting on the end of the crankshaft. You must use the special "GF" clutch for the grease mechanism to work.

Belt clutches are used by Carter (do not confuse with a torque converter, below).

How do I identify torque converters?  Torque converters are actually comprised of different parts, including the DRIVER UNIT, DRIVEN UNIT, JACKSHAFT, and BELT.  There are many different types of torque converters, and many different belts, so you will need to be very specific when ordering torque converter parts.  We are a distributor for Comet torque converters, and carry the replacement parts for Max Torque, as well.


(This is a partial list.  If you don't see the part for which you're looking, send us an e-mail.  Prices subject to change without notice -- e-mail us for current pricing.  Parts for Brister's Thunder Karts are subject to supply on hand -- plus a few we're having custom-fabricated -- as they are no longer in business.)


Dinli Parts Breakdown:

Dinli parts may take 3 - 4 weeks to obtain, if we do not have them in stock.



BDM Parts List

Some parts may come from assemblies (as BDM parts are no longer manufactured), and show markings from bolts;  however, they are all new.


Kidz Kartz












K-13 The Bug






























KB-35 Kidz Bike


















































































































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Chuck Wagon Manual



Twister Parts List

2005 Hammerhead

Click to view parts diagram


Cylinder Head Assembly

Cylinder Assembly

Crankcase Assembly 1

Crankcase Assembly 2

Crankcase - Piston


Left Cover

Fan Cover and Shroud

Oil Pump

Driven Pulley & Clutch


Electric System

Electric Starter

Drive Pulley



Steering Shaft

Suspension Arm

Rear Cargo Rack

Rear Swing Arm

Engine / Muffler / Air Cleaner

Rear Swing Arm

Rear Housing

Wire Harness / Electrical


Warning Sticker



Hammerhead 150SS Parts Manual


2005 Hammerhead 250 Parts Manual


Hammerhead 250SS Parts Manual


These manuals are written by TJ Powersports/Hammerhead, and they are solely responsible for the content.

We are not responsible for typos, and are providing them as a courtesy.



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** Yerf-dog Parts **
Please visit our Yerf-dog page



General  Parts  Info


(Most parts come directly from the manufacturer of the go-kart or the OEM that supplies them.  Very few are generic, and are identified as such.  Several of the BTK parts are custom-fabricated.)


To provide you a part, we need to know the brand and model of the item for which you're buying parts. Keep in mind the engine and go-kart are made by two different companies, and NEITHER DESCRIBES THE OTHER. That is, you DO NOT have a Briggs & Stratton go-kart!



  • AMS - Action Motorsports

  • BDM -- Brister's Design & Mfg. (Mean Machines, The Go-Kart Factory)

  • BTK -- Brister's Thunder Karts

  • GKF -- The Go-Kart Factory

  • TC -- Torque converter





We answer ALL e-mails.  You will usually get a response within the next business day, often within the hour.  (See our Hours of Operation.)  If you do not get a response, it's probably because your e-mail filter is blocking our response ... that happens a lot!


Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Brister's, Manco, Murray, Kartco, Ken-bar, Carter Bros., Twister, Comet, Max-Torque, Thunder Karts, Mean Machines, The Go-Kart Factory, Yerf-Dog, Action Motorsports, Fun Power, Torq-A-Verter, Tecumseh, and other names mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective companies.  Parts referenced for Yerf-Dog are equivalents or from the original equipment manufacturer -- we are not a Yerf-Dog dealer.



Providers of Family Fun since 1988


* As of the last update to this page (12/2016), in over 10 years, our flat-rate shipping rate had only increased from $9 to $11.


** Yellow Jacket was been acquired by Manco Products, which discontinued production of Yellow Jacket parts, and has since been bought out by American Sporworks.  Brister's Thunder Karts, USA Karts, and several other manufacturers are no longer in business.  Availability for these brands may be limited to supplies on hand.




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